RS-A1050  (300mm higher four-side waste removal) high-performance automatic flatbed die cutting machine

RS-A1050 (300mm higher four-side waste removal) high-performance automatic flatbed die cutting machine

(300mm higher four-side waste removal) high-performance automatic flatbed die cutting machine


(300mm higher four-side waste removal) high-performance automatic flatbed die cutting machine

1. The design of the stacking preparation table has been improved. The preparation trolley can be used to pre-stack the paper, or the pallet truck can be used to directly send the stacked paper to the main stacking table.
2. Adopt powerful four-suction and four-feed high-speed feeder, with stable and smooth paper feeding.
3. The high and low angles of the first suction and the second suction can be adjusted separately to adapt to the warping of different paper surfaces.
4.  Imported patented spiral blowing device makes the paper deliver smoothly.
5.Feeder double-beam type ensures stable and durable paper feeding
1. Adopt Taiwan original pull and push dual-use side sheet registration system, which can be easily selected according to different material.
2. The paper feeding belt is lengthened to ensure that the corrugated paper is fed smoothly and in place.
3. Unique dual-purpose mechanism for thick and thin paper, which can be switched according to different paper, ensuring smooth conveying and positioning of thick and thin paper.
4. The paper feed roller quick adjustment mechanism is equipped with a weight balance device to facilitate the adjustment and positioning of the paper more conveniently.
Die cutting
1. Pneumatic locking system for die frame, is convenient and quick.
2. Equipped with electric increasing and decreasing pressure, very easy to operate.
3. The two contact points of the front positioning paper stopper can be individually fine-tuned to adapt to precise positioning under different paper conditions.
4. Using advanced technology, the positioning of a single gripper can be fine-tuned before and after compensation to meet the requirements of processing accuracy.
5. Electric eye monitoring throughout the work, with large-capacity man-machine interface LCD display, providing detailed troubleshooting methods.
6. Equipped with an air-cooled circulating oil temperature cooling system to avoid the movement of the creasing strips on the bottom plate due to excessive oil temperature in the machine.
7. Select high-precision Taiwan imported divider, stable and durable.
8. Imported hard die-cut steel plate, which is durable and not easy to deform

1. Triple coordinated waste stripping device, precise and powerful, can effectively remove all kinds of shaped wastes.
2. Double-layer drawer type upper and lower waste removal molds can be quickly adjusted and changeover.
3. The upper frame adopts electric control lifting device.
4. Various specifications of waste removal components are included, which can be combined arbitrarily according to the die-cutting products, and the changeover is convenient and fast.

Secondary waste removal
The secondary waste removal system removes the waste paper edge of the gripper, and sends  it out of the machine by the conveyor belt to achieve the effect of cleaning the four edges. If    it is a single-sheet product, it can even achieve the effect of full waste removal.

Piling and stacking
1. The Piling and stacking is equipped with an alarm system: it will stop when a person is detected to come inside this part.
2. Equipped with insert counter (optional)
3. The gripper transmission chain has a tension buffer device.
4. When the main stacker is full of paper during operation, the non-stop system that automatically collect and stack in the secondary stacker, cooperates with the brush pressing, air blowing buffer and left and right patting mechanism to ensure more tidy stacking.

Product Characteristics

1) Using pliers to pick up the paper, it can ensure high-speed safety.
2)   The special feeder design can feed the paper correctly, and the feeder
deceleration unit has two functions: normal and deceleration, which can be switched arbitrarily.
3) The side positioning adopts a push-pull device, which is easy to switch and can be selected according to different paper types.
4)Detection of double-sheet feeding and front positioning, side positioning, abnormal feeding, automatic shutdown device.
5)Pneumatic locking system for die cut frame.
6)Die cutting pressure can be adjusted according to paper quality, up to 300 tons.
7)The the upper and lower needling devices of the waste removal section is simple and easy, and it is equipped with the secondary cleaning and removing the waste paper edge.
8)The feeder and stacker are equipped with non-stop devices to ensure uninterrupted production.
9)Touch screen display system, including computerized automatic detection device, provides operation instructions for each part and abnormal elimination instructions.
10)Wide range of die cutting capacity from 80g to within 4mm of corrugated paper.
11)The all-in-one machine is hoisted, the height of the whole machine is
increased by 300mm, and the pile of paper is increased by 25%

1. The paper feeder is imported from Taiwan.
2. The vacuum pump is Sino-German Baker.
3. Pneumatic clutch and paper feeding electromagnetic clutch are imported from Taiwan.
4. The main chain of the gripper drive is a special specification imported from Germany Ives/IWIS.
5. The transmission chain of the mechanism is mainly imported from Japan.
6. High-torque transmission belts are mainly imported from Japan.
7. The bearings matched with the mechanism parts are mainly imported from Japan and Europe.
8. Precision mechanical parts such as high-standard transmission gears and linear cams are imported and assembled from Taiwan.
9. The whole group of high-precision locators are imported and assembled from Taiwan.
10. The whole machine’s high-quality plastic steel rails, imported from Japan and assembled from Taiwan.
11. The main machine inverter is imported from Japanese brand Yaskawa.
12. The PLC controller is imported from Taiwan Yonghong.
13. All photoelectric switches are imported from Japan and European brands.
14. The touch screen for display monitoring and management is the latest TFT screen imported from Taiwan.
15. The whole set of torque limiters are imported from Taiwan.
16. The marking paper shooter for counting is imported from Taiwan (optional).
17. Safety control of automatic oil feeder, solenoid valve, etc. are all imported from Taiwan

Device parameters