SLM-V  Vertical slitting rewinding machine

SLM-V Vertical slitting rewinding machine

Vertical slitting rewinding machine


Vertical slitting rewinding machine



Material types are applicable to various flexible packaging films: CPP, BOPP, PET, PE, composite films, aluminized films and other soft non-adhesive materials.

1.Siemens PLC and human-machine interface, with meter-counting automatic shutdown, the remaining amount is automatically dynamic detection, automatic speed regulation of line speed, working parameters and operating status can be set on the screen

2、The main machine and the rewinding adopts the independent servo motor and PLC of the domestic first-line brand for follow-up control, with a pre-tension system, high speed and stable tension.

3、Rewinding adopts 3 spline slip friction shaft.

4、Unwinding adopts integrated 36 universal shaft-less loading.

5、The Web Guiding System adopts EPC Web Guiding device

6、Traction adopts active steel rollers, wear-resistant rubber on the surface of passive pressure roller

7、Low-voltage electrical appliances and pneumatic components are domestic famous and imported

8、Slitting method adopts razor blade slitting method