SLM-A  High speed slitting machine

SLM-A High speed slitting machine

High speed slitting machine


High speed slitting machine


Application range:

Different kinds of self-adhesive labels, kraft paper, release paper,etc.

1. Human-machine interface, with the functions of automatic stop of meter counting, automatic detection of remaining amount, automatic speed regulation of line speed, working parameters and display operation status can be set on the screen

2. The main machine and rewinder adopts Chinese good brand independent servo motor and PLC for follow-up control, with the pre-tension system, high speed and stable tension.

3. Rewinder: 3" ball-type friction air shaft, and automatic unload rack is saves time and labour.

4. Unwinder: integrated 3"/6" universal shaftless loading and unloading, automatic hydraulic lifting, saves time and labour.

5. Equipped with a negative pressure paper connect unit, saving time for material change.

6. EPC web-guide device.

7. Pneumatic execution and locking.

8. Low-voltage electrical appliances and pneumatic components are Chinese good brand or imported.

9. Adopting the upper and lower shear knife slitting, and razor knife optional.