SLM-S  High speed slitting machine

SLM-S High speed slitting machine

High speed slitting machine


High speed slitting machine


Application range:
Different kinds of self-adhesive labels, kraft paper, release paper, etc

1、Main control: Wekoda PLC and man-machine interface, with automatic stop for meter counting, automatic detection of remaining amount, and automatic speed regulation of line speed.

2、Rewind tension: adopts independent motor and PLC for follow-up control, a pre-tension system, and tension automatically controlled by servo motor。

3、Unwind: Adopt integrated 3"/6" universal shaftless loading and unloading, hydraulic lifting and automatic control by servo motor。

4、Web guide system: Pausource web guide,for edge control。

5、Traction: Large-diameter traction steel roller, pressure roller wear-resistant rubber wheel。

6、Slitter knife :  bottom knife with a diameter of ∮180, and the upper knife with a ∮150 manual air knife。

7、Low-voltage electrical appliances and pneumatic components: domestic famous brands and imported ones。

8、Equipped with a line laser,  more convenient to rewind and unwind the paper tube positioning。

9、Automatic unloading mechanism