RS-WF  1650  Flexo printing machine

RS-WF 1650 Flexo printing machine

Flexo printing machine


Flexo printing machine

一、basic configuration

1. Unwinding unit and winding unit

Axle-less air brake

Unwinding and unwinding hydraulic loading and unloading

Paper breaking and stopping device

Winding is equipped with an inflatable gun.

2. Automatic rectification system

Equipped with a paper receiving table

Electric actuator adopt ball screw

A rectification photoelectric head is adopted for rectification transfer induction.

Detection method: edge detection

Correction accuracy: 0.1 mm.

3. Paper delivery system

Press cots to press paper.

4, printing color group

Pneumatic clutch pressure of screen roller and plate roller

3-color printing No.4 embossing

Ceramic screen roller. 1 color and 1 strip (the number of network lines is determined by the customer)

Aluminum plate roller. 1 color and 1 strip (the number of teeth is determined by the customer)

Stainless steel ink cartridge

The plate roller adopts the latest petal-shaped structure, with stable pressure and fast roll change without any tools.

Self-rotation function of the screen roller: the screen roller will automatically run every time it stops, so as to prevent the ink from drying on the surface of the screen roller and causing the screen hole to be blocked.

Three-bar gear: dp26

Total runout of screen roller, plate roller and bottom roller: ≤ 0.02 mm

5. Drying system

Printing hot air drying

6. Visual system

Real-time image shooting detection of printed matter in the printing process, which can move left and right horizontally.

The detection position can be set horizontally and vertically.

The detected image can be enlarged and observed in a fixed position.

7, preset output to complete the automatic stop function